If you get stuck in the snow, DMV can help!

While Northern Virginia prepares to be hit with its first snowfall of the year it is important to keep safety in mind.

If you have no reason to be out on wet, slippery, or icy roads it is safer not to. Northern Virginia is home to vast terrains especially steep hills. Life happens, and in the event that you car slides off the road into a snowbank or ditch we are available 24/7 365 days a year. We constantly see people who’s cars get stuck in Arlington, VA and Fairfax, VA, and we’re ready to help you when you need us the most!

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Call on DMV Towing for Winch Outs in Northern Virginia & Washington DC!

If your car is stuck in Arlington, VA give us call and one of our trained recovery operators may assist you with a winch out service. Upon winching stuck vehicles out sometimes it is unsafe to continue operation of the vehicle. We recommend getting your vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic. If your vehicle is stuck and you need a help in Northern Virginia give us a call at 571-418-2869 or request assistance online!

Stuck in the snow?  Give us a call today!

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