Are you waiting for your insurance company to send a tow truck? Wait no more… DMV Towing & Roadside is able to respond to your towing and roadside assistance needs within a short amount of time.

Why Insurance Companies Take So Long

The first step toward understanding why insurance companies take so long for towing and roadside assistance is to understand their process. When an insurance company receives a call requesting emergency services, they have to contact their network of providers and dispatch them to the scene of the incident. The provider will then assess the situation, determine what needs to be done, and provide the necessary assistance.

However, there are several factors that can cause delays in this process. One of the biggest reasons is that some providers may not be available due to other commitments or emergencies they are responding too. Additionally, if multiple requests are made at one time, all of them must be taken care of before any single request can be addressed. This means that if there are already two requests in progress, yours could be delayed until those requests have been completed.

Along with this, many insurance companies deal with second and third party companies to handle their towing and roadside assistance services. In doing so, insurance companies often rely on third party contractors to provide service, which can lack professionalism and punctuation, often looking for the cheapest and not fastest company.

Call on DMV Towing and Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle ever needs towing or roadside assistance, you can ask your insurance company to request DMV Towing and Roadside Assistance. You can also call us directly for faster service.

In many cases, the fastest way to get service is to call us, or any towing company directly, and then submit that invoice to your insurance company or motor clubs. Please check with the insurance company if they will reimburse you. However, if you feel unsafe or need service ASAP, give us a call.